Belle Carpets & Rugs
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Brief facts

Belle Rugs is a third generation family business, founded in 1953. The family are specialists in two product lines. 1: Belle Art, contemporary art gallery with exhibition of both Danish and International artists. 2: Belle Rugs, exhibition of high-quality Oriental carpets and rugs. The family serves and supplies both businesses and private residences throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Both product lines require attention to detail, a passion for quality, and, above all, trust. Chairman of Association of Oriental Carpets, Martin Munkholm (PHOTO)

Direct importers

The family are Direct importers of Persian carpets and rugs from Iran.  That ensures their customers the right carpet for their needs, of the best possible quality, at competitive prices. 

The Munkholm family have traveled regularly to Iran since 1976, and enjoy relationships of great respect and trust with their network of artisans. They still work with most of the families of artisans that they have been working with since their first trip to Iran.  Over the years, their network has grown.  Today, they have good contacts all over Iran.


Belle Rugs always have a large selection of high-quality Oriental carpets and rugs in stock. There are quality rugs and carpets for any taste and to suit all budgets.

Price policy

At Belle Rugs you will not find any unrealistic or misleading sticker prices: only the fair and current price.

Member of Danish Association of Oriental Carpets Dealers (LOGO and link)

Returns & exchange service

Belle Rugs has a 14-day return policy on all carpets and a one year exchange service at full price, valid from date of purchase. (However, the company reserves the right to reject any carpets which are dirty or damaged.)