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Belle Art Gallery like to work together with art circles and arts organizations across the country. We both deliver and pick up the exhibitions of the artists as an art association chooses to delight its members. An exhibition runs itself normally point over a period of 1 month and the number of plants varies between 12-18 paragraph. of the desired artist. An exhibition may be of a single artist, or consisting of 2-3 of the gallery's artists. The composition of the artists are up to the individual art association.

Purchase Guarantee

Belle Art Gallery operates with a bid guarantee of $ 5,000, - per night. month. Delivery and pickup of the exhibition is free of charge. At the exhibition with more than one artist, it is a condition that both / all artists met with the purchase of a work. Want an art club to have works hanging in a longer period is of course also possible by special arrangement.

Satisfaction - One year full exchange right

To ensure complete satisfaction for all members of Belle Art Gallery offers a year's exchange right to full price on everything.The website here will be interested to browse through the many artists that are affiliated with the gallery, which can be arranged exhibitions. You can click on "View artworks' to see the many exciting artists, and they are welcome to send an email to us of desired artists or call direct on telephone 75 89 73 70th