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Alejandro DeCinti


Alejandro DeCinti

Based on Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” DeCinti paints humans and gods fatefully being transformed into plants, animals or star signs. He stages these myths based on picturesquely embedded nude studies, setting free a drama that either pulsates or slowly unfolds. His pictorial language is powerfully direct, emotional and erotically charged. This parallel between myth and modernity is marked by an atmosphere of partly revealed suggestive echo landscapes or theatrically whipped up glimpses of nature.

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About Alejandro DeCinti

Born 1973 in Santiago de Chile. Studied art at the Universidad de Chile and has lived in Spain since 2002. Scholarships “Excelencia Académica” 1991 and “Fundación Arte y Autores Contemporáneos”. 1st prize in the competition “Arte en Vivo” 1994. Numerous exhibitions in Chile, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Germany as well as international art fairs. 2004 founded art studio DeCinti & Villalón where he teaches and works with Oscar Villalón.