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Antonio Máro


Antonio Máro

Antonio Máro  (Father: Apolo Ramírez  (* 1928 in Catacaos, Piura, Nord-Peru)and Son:  Rafael Ramírez (* 07.12. 1959 in Lima / Perú) are working together since 1972. Both developed the characteristic Márostil inspired by the precolumbian Art and the Abstract Expressionism. Both Artist are living and working under their Artist-name: Antonio Máro in Hauset, Belgium. Before 1972 Father Apolo (alias Antonio Máro) studied in Lima with Ricardo Grau and later in Germany with Willi Baumeister.

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About Antonio Máro

in many countries of Europe, Rusia, Japan, Canada, USA and Latinamerica (such as AACHEN: »Neue Galerie-Sammlung Ludwig« and »Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum«) BOGOTA, COLUMBIEN »Centro Cultural« BRASILIA, BRASIL »Museu de Arte Moderno« BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA »CAIC« CARACAS, VENEZUELA Museum »Ateneo de Caracas« DÜSSELDORF EP-Gallery FLORIDA MIAMI »24st Gallery« ORLANDO-Winterpark »Hartley« St. PETERSBURG »Dali-Museum« TAMPA »Ybor-City« MADRID »Galeria Toison« OHIO, Oxfort USA Museum of the Miami-University PUERTO RICO »Museum of Modern Art« RIO DI JANEIRO, BRASIL »Museum Paco Imperial« SANTO DOMINGO »Gasas Reales« — Cont. Art-Museum SALZBURG, AUSTRIA »DIG« Kongreßhaus, »Romanischer Keller« »Museumspavillon im Mirabellgarten« »Galerie Mirabell« SAO PAULO »Galeria Pablo Figuereido« Biennial 1987 VENICE ITALY »Ateneo San Basso« (Municipality) Biennial 1982/86 WASHINGTON D.C. »Washington Harbour« »Cadillac-Foundation« and others

in most major International Art Fairs and BIENNIALS of VENICE (1982 and 1986) — SAO PAULO (1987) »ART« Basel, »Buchmesse« Frankfurt, »Kunstmarkt« Cologne etc.

1978 1. Prize (open competition: commission of an oil painting for the municipal auditorium of Meinerzhagen 600 x 1800 cm (believed to be the largest oil painting an canvas in the twenties century) 1979 1. Prize (open competition: commission of four large oil paintings for the municipal auditorium of Hilden/Düsseldorf) 1980 Painting acquired by »Art-Museum of Miami University« 1981 Painting acquired by »Museum of Modern Art in Latin America« in Washington D.C. and the »Dalí-Museum« of St. Pete, Florida 1982 1. Prize (open competition: commission of a large oil painting 300 x 700 cm, placed in the foyer of the FerroStaal-Company, Essen 1983 Prize of the Municipaly of AACHEN, W. Germ. 1984 Art-Prize of the Government of the Principality of Monaco 1985 Smithsonian acquires a large oil-painting for the »Kennedy-Center for the Performing Arts« (Hall of the Nations) in Washington D.C. 1986 1. Prize of the 34. Intern. Art-Forum of Aquitanien, France »Medaille d'Argent« — Art-Prize of Bordeaux, France 1987 Honored Citizan of Brasilia 1988 Membership of the »European Academie of Art and Science«, Paris 1989 Membership of the »World Academie of Art Science« N.Y. and Stockholm

1978 »Märo« E. Ph. Hoffmann, EP-EDITION, Düsseldorf 1978 »the Challenge to Antonio Märo« by Lon Blum 1983 »Märo« a Documentation in collaboration with. the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum and the Art-Museum of Oxfort/Ohio by G. Grimme and A. Cellers, published by Niggli, Switzerland 1984 »Antonio Märo« by Juan Acha, University of Mexiko City 1986 »Impulse« by Renate Puvogel, EP-EDITION, Düsseldorf 1987 »Märo« by R. Puvogel, Leon Fountains Int. Art 1988 »Märo« by Belgica Rodriguez, Museum of Latin Art., Wash. D.C. 1989 »Märo« by Wolfgang Becker, Neue Galerie -Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen